6TH - 12Th graders

Once registered in the FAN IT Academy, Fanatics will have access to a digital platform which would include online resources for students and families.

If Fanatics also decide to enroll in the upcoming school year with our partner JAM Preparatory they will receive access to the digital platform and will be registered for FAN IT Academy after school program on site at JAM Prep.

  • Sports Marketing, Training & Wellness -

  • Photography, Filmmaking & Digital Content

  • Financial Literacy

  • Behavior Modifications, Trauma & Grief Support

  • Sports Marketing

  • Through Our Eyes

  • Youth Entrepreneurship

About Us

FANIT FOUNDATION Inc has developed a learning program to be utilized in a digital space, afterschool, private school and community-based settings. This learning program will be a resource to stop youth incarceration and be a extra resource to public schools. The FAN IT ACADEMY system will provide a wide variety of cultural enrichment services to help improve students success within the classroom and the community. The base programs created within the FAN IT ACADEMY system is Through Our Eyes, a digital content program, a youth entrepreneurship financial literacy program, a social behavior modifications program and a sports-marketing program.
Once registered in the FAN IT Academy, Fanatics will have access to a digital platform which would include online courses and resources for students and families. Members earn rewards by participating based on their grade level in certain workshops. Members will be rewarded with FAN IT expenses (in-house dollars used to teach students about earning, saving, spending, investing and household expenses). The FAN IT Academy system will incorporate services from partnered community based organizations assisting with sports marketing, reading, math, science and technology, behavior modification, grief and trauma support, self-care, mentorship and financial literacy). This program will further provide educational programming designed to both support and extend the academic and personal enrichment of 150 participating students within the inner-city area. The FAN IT Academy system is a monthly subscription program which will also operate at ground level on school campuses once a week and after school for 30 minutes to an hour.



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is present at all major youth sport events, school practices and a partnership with MDCHBCU Combine. FAN IT also has close relationships with youth incarcerated organizations and does speaking visits to youth incarcerated facilities. The FAN IT team will utilize youth data and demographic information to ensure the targeted group displays the characteristics identified in the needs assessment. High quality instructional practices offer hands on project based learning, using the best instructional practices for high-interest learning activities that are meaningful and relevant keeping the youth engaged. This wide array of partnerships adds exciting variety to enrich learning. Homework Support offers students time to complete assigned homework daily with tutorial support from a certified teacher or enrichment instructor. Encouraging participation and increasing opportunities for students overall.

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